How to Practice Music by Setting Goals

What is a goal? Why do you need goals when you practice, and what makes them so important?
A goal is something you want to achieve. If you don’t have clear goals, your efforts will have no direction or focus. You need to define…

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20 Traits of a Successful Student

Coach John Wooden was one of the most winning and highly respected coaches in all of sport and history. I truly believe that if you live by the principles he asked his players each year to live by, you will be successful in whatever you do.

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What Should I Teach My Students?

As we prepare lessons for our students regularly we sometimes question ourselves and ask: “What should I be teaching my students?” “What are other people teaching their kids right now?” “Am I on track with other programs?” It doesn’t matter how long you have been teaching, these questions will arise.

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How You Can Help Your Child Practice

Any parent of a music student wants his/her child to succeed. You may be wondering, is there anything I can do to help my child become a better musician? The answer is YES. In order for your child to…

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Music Money Incentive Program

I use a motivation program at my school which I call the Incentive System. Should kids work for nothing just because they are supposed to? YES. However, we must reach them if we are going to teach them. Times have changed and the…

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