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The tuba is an instrument of the brass family. It is the largest instrument and has the lowest pitch. The tuba is a moderately new instrument, showing up around the 19th century. The typical band tuba is typically in the key of B♭, and is about 18 feet long in tube length. Tuba are made with both rotary (like a trumpet) and piston (like a French horn) valves. The tuba is used in both classical band and orchestras (although there is usually only one tuba in the entire orchestra), as well as jazz band, big band, and rag-time. For more in-depth information on the tuba, click here.

Tuba Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about the tuba.

How to Clean a Tuba

Roger Bobo – Carnival of Venice

Canadian Brass – The Flight of the Tuba Bee

Tuba Solo: Gabriel’s Oboe

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