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The trumpet is an instrument of the brass family, and is one of the oldest musical instruments. It also has the highest range of all brass instruments. Trumpets are played by blowing fast air through tightly closed lips (also called buzzing), and the pitch can vary depending on the tension on the lips and air stream. There are many different kinds of trumpets, but the most common modern type is the B♭trumpet, usually played with three piston valves. For more in-depth information on the trumpet, click here.

Trumpet Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about the trumpet.

How To Clean a Trumpet

Trumpet solo by Wynton Marsalis- Carnival of Venice

Morrison Sandoval Marsalis Faddis

Jazz trumpet giants !!!! (Morrison Sandoval Marsalis Faddis)

Tine Thing Helseth: Haydn Trumpet Concerto, 3rd Mvt.

Trumpet Lesson #1 – Air and Embouchure

Trumpet Lesson #2 – Articulation

Trumpet Lesson #3 – Starting a Beginner Student

Trumpet Lesson #4 – Range and Endurance

Trumpet Lesson #5 – Warm Up

Trumpet Lesson #6 – Warm Down

Trumpet Lesson #7 – Equipment

Trumpet Lesson #8 – Daily Routine

Trumpet Lesson #9 – How To Practice

Trumpet Lesson #10 – Your Sound and Audition Techniques

Clark Terry- Markovic&Gut sextet-drums Lazar Tosic

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