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The trombone is a brass instrument that has a slide with which the player changes the length of the tube to vary pitches (although there are valve trombones which use three valves similar to those on trumpets). The word trombone comes from the Italian tromba, meaning trumpet, and-one, meaning large, so it literally means “large trumpet.”  Trombone players, or trombonists, typically start off playing the tenor trombone (but usually people leave off the tenor part), and certain experienced players learn to play the bass trombone. For more in-depth information on the trombone, click here.

Trombone Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about the trombone.

How To Clean a Trombone

Alan Raph – Trombone Tips/Slide Maintenance

Christian Lindberg – Csardas

CSU Trombone Choir performs Lauridsen’s “O Magnum Mysterium” (excerpt)

James Morrison Trombone Solo

Christian Lindberg Trombone Concerts

Christian Lindberg Performances Excerpts

Bill Watrous Birdland

Bill Watrous On Samantha

James Morrison demonstrates multiphonics

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