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The alto saxophone is an instrument of the woodwind family, and uses a single reed. The saxophone was invented in 1841 by Adolphe Sax because he wanted to create an instrument that would fill the gap between the woodwinds and the brass sections. The saxophone is the loudest of the woodwind instruments, and is most commonly played in classical bands, jazz, swing, big band, and blues. As a result of it being a newer instrument compared to many, the alto saxophone is not very common in classical orchestras. For more in-depth information on the saxophone, click here.

Alto Saxophone Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about saxophones.

Alex Han – Alto Sax

Alex Han Alto Sax Monster

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five (1961)

Tenor sax solo – Andreas Vollenweider – Daniel Küffer

Tenor sax – Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail with Peter White at KSBR

Flintstones – C.Terry and J.Moody Quintet

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