French Horn

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The French horn, or “horn” for short, is a brass instrument that is about twelve feet of tubing wrapped around into a coil, with a bell on the end. Horns have rotary valves used by the left hand (although some horns use piston valves like trumpets). Most beginning horn players use a single horn that has three valves, which is tuned to F. More advanced players use a double horn, which has a fourth valve (operated by the thumb and is tuned to B-flat). For more in-depth information on the French horn, click here.

French Horn Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about the French horn.

How To Clean a French Horn

French horn excerpt by Annamia Eriksson- Siegfried Horn Call

Liszt’s “Les Préludes”, horn solo

Mahler’s 3rd Symphony, Horns Solo Beginning

R Strauss Horn Concerto No 1 – 1 Barry Tuckwell 1987

Recommended French Horn Books

7th Graders:
Rubank Advanced Method – French Horn Vol. 1
8th/9th Graders:
Rubank Advanced Method – French Horn Vol. 2
High School+:
335 Selected Melodious, Progressive and Technical Studies for French Horn

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