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The euphonium & baritone are similar brass instruments and are frequently thought of as the same instrument. However, there are some slight differences between the two.

Euphonium Baritone
Wide bore Narrow bore
Tapered like a flugelhorn Tapered like a cornet
3 to 5 valves 3 valves
Deep-cup mouthpiece Semi-conical cup mouthpiece
Larger tone Smaller tone

Euphonium Anatomy

Euphonium Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about the euphonium/baritone.

David Childs – Carnival of Venice – Euphonium

David Childs – Gabriel’s Oboe – Euphonium

David Childs – Flight of the Bumble Bee – Euphonium

Matthew Mireles- Symphonic Variants (Part 1)

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