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The clarinet is an instrument of the woodwind family, and uses a single reed. There are more than a dozen types of clarinets, but the most common is the B♭ soprano clarinet. Clarinet players, or clarinetists, are used in classical bands/orchestras, jazz bands, chamber groups, and solos. Clarinets have the greatest pitch range of the woodwind family, with the ability to play over four octaves.
For band directors
Check out my handout presented at the FMEA Convention in Tampa, FL: Solid Foundations for Clarinet Handout

Clarinet Anatomy

How to Clean a Clarinet

Andre Messager: Solo de Concours

WSU Clarinet lesson Part 1 All Northwest Clarinet Audition Material

Paquito D’Rivera

Bass Clarinet Duo

Bobby Mintzer – Bass Clarinet Solo

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