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The bassoon is a member of the woodwind family, and uses a double reed. The bassoon has a wide range, and a very unique sound. It is usually held diagonally in front of the musician, and players usually wear a neck strap or harness to support the bassoon. Because of its challenging fingering system and the use of a double reed, bassoons are one of the most difficult instruments to learn. Typically beginning students don’t start on bassoon, but rather switch over after first experiencing another woodwind instrument. The bassoon is typically featured in classical bands and orchestras, and chamber groups. For more in-depth information on the bassoon, click here.

Bassoon Anatomy

Below you will find different videos about the bassoon.

Bassoon Quartet- Super Mario Bros.

Francois Devienne. Quartet in C major, Op. 73 No. 1, for bassoon and strings 1/2

Paul Abraham Dukas – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 01

(The bassoon solo starts at 2:14)

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