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Conducting Conduct eBook

by Doug Sorensen

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Language: English
Genre: Education
Formats Included: PDF, EPUB
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Book Description

Failure to effectively manage classroom behavior is the number one reason for today’s teachers leaving or losing their jobs. Repeated warnings, scoldings, and lectures continue to be the disciplines of choice even though time-consuming, disruptive, and stressful. Student claims of mistreatment are at an all-time high. Yesterday’s behavior management strategies are not effective in today’s classrooms. More reminders, more reprimands, and more referrals are not the answers. To put it simply, “words won’t work.”

Imagine using your voice only for instructing, helping, and encouraging students to excel in learning. Disciplinary words, confrontations, and wasted teaching time are absent from your classroom. You and your students work together in a democratic environment where everyone is treated with courtesy and respect regardless of their behavior. You maintain student attention and cooperation without verbal intervention. And, most importantly, you enjoy teaching everyday. Conducting Conduct has made this dream a reality for hundreds of new and experienced teachers.

To maximize teaching and minimize disciplining, Conducting Conduct utilizes three key components:

  1. A silent method for communicating attentive and cooperative behavior.
  2. A student-centered, student-managed process for maintaining accountability.
  3. A four-level resolution plan for repeated misbehavior.

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