20 Traits of a Successful Student

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Coach John Wooden was one of the most winning and highly respected coaches in all of sport and history.  I truly believe that if you live by the principles he asked his players each year to live by, you will be successful in whatever you do.

Adaptation of Coach John Wooden’s 20 “Suggestions” for being Successful:

  1. Be a gentleman/lady at all times.
  2. Be a team player always.
  3. Be on time whenever time is involved.
  4. Be good students in all subjects – not just in music.
  5. Be enthusiastic, industrious, loyal and cooperative.
  6. Be in the best possible condition – physically, mentally and morally.
  7. Earn the right to be proud and confident.
  8. Keep emotions under control without losing your edge.
  9. Work constantly – improve without becoming satisfied.
  10. Acquire peace of mind by becoming the best you are capable of becoming.
  11. Never criticize, nag or razz a teammate.
  12. Never miss or be late for any class or appointment.
  13. Never be selfish, jealous, envious or egotistical.
  14. Never expect favors.
  15. Never waste time.
  16. Never alibi or make excuses.
  17. Never require repeated criticism for the same mistake.
  18. Never lose faith or patience.
  19. Never grandstand, loaf, sulk or boast.
  20. Never have reason to be sorry afterward.

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Jim Matthews

About Jim Matthews

Jim Matthews is a veteran band director of 30 years at Jackson Middle School in Titusville, FL. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Florida State University. His bands continuously received superior ratings at band festivals. The bands have received the Florida Bandmaster’s Association Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty and Twenty-five Year Superior Awards for continuous Superior ratings. He is presently the Brevard County Music Instructional Coach for all secondary band directors. Jim co-founded the FLBandWorkshop for band directors held each summer in Titusville. It is a hands-on, in-depth workshop. For more information see FLBandWorkshop on FaceBook. He is a member of Florida Bandmaster’s Association, Music Educator’s National Conference and Phi Beta Mu – an International Honorary Band Director’s Fraternity. He is also a National Board Certified Teacher in music. For more information, see the About section.