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There is a saying, “You are where you are today, because of the prayers of yesterday. You will be where you are tomorrow because of what you pray today!” People need you to pray today. Whether they know it or not, they are depending on you. We all need each other. The Bible tells us to continually lift each other up. What we do with our daily prayer life will greatly affect us, our students, fellow teachers, administrators, etc.

We owe it to ourselves to listen to the still, small voice and get the direction we need each day. When we pray for others, we are being Christ in our world – the world that we live in and directly affect. I try to pray each day and ask God, “Please show me who You would like me to pray for, speak to, avoid, and look at with the look of Jesus today.” When I do this, I often get a prompting to pray for someone in particular. Many times it is a student, custodian or someone else on the campus that I was not even necessarily thinking about. I have had some pretty important words of encouragement for people who God just wanted to lift up that day. They were just out of the blue as far as I was concerned. Sometimes it would just be a prompting for me to pray for that person, but sometimes it would be for me to encourage them or tell them that I am praying for them. That in itself is all some people need to know.

If you are going to be Christ in your world, you really need to be still and open up yourself to being the intercessor the Father wants you to be. Your world needs Jesus in it. It is easy to get up a couple of minutes earlier in the morning and be ready to meet with the Father and hear what He wants you to do or say to someone. Take the step of faith that it takes to be obedient and you will truly be blessed today. Make yourself an open and willing vessel God can use you to bless others today. It is better to give than to receive – just look at Jesus’s example. He gave it all. The least we can do is listen to Him and do what He says to do today.

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Jim Matthews

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Jim Matthews is a veteran band director of 30 years at Jackson Middle School in Titusville, FL. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Florida State University. His bands continuously received superior ratings at band festivals. The bands have received the Florida Bandmaster’s Association Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty and Twenty-five Year Superior Awards for continuous Superior ratings. He is presently the Brevard County Music Instructional Coach for all secondary band directors. Jim co-founded the FLBandWorkshop for band directors held each summer in Titusville. It is a hands-on, in-depth workshop. For more information see FLBandWorkshop on FaceBook. He is a member of Florida Bandmaster’s Association, Music Educator’s National Conference and Phi Beta Mu – an International Honorary Band Director’s Fraternity. He is also a National Board Certified Teacher in music. For more information, see the About section.