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Understanding Any Piece of Music by Ear

Most people assume that only a musical genius could listen to a piece of music and instantly know how to play it in any key. But what I will try to show you in this article is that this “genius” is available to all of us. In fact, it’s nothing more than the ability to clarify…

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When Online Practice Leads Students Astray

At no other time in human history have so many people had so much access to the collective knowledge of the human race. Not only does the Internet offer simple access to information, but to education in the form of online college courses and the like. For music students, however, just getting information doesn’t mean the same thing as good instruction.

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How to Develop a Practice Routine

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” In music this is not true at all, and can in fact make you worse. A better saying is “perfect practice makes perfect.” This article will answer the who, why, what,where, when, and how when it comes to practicing music.

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How to Practice Music by Setting Goals

What is a goal? Why do you need goals when you practice, and what makes them so important?
A goal is something you want to achieve. If you don’t have clear goals, your efforts will have no direction or focus. You need to define…

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20 Traits of a Successful Student

Coach John Wooden was one of the most winning and highly respected coaches in all of sport and history. I truly believe that if you live by the principles he asked his players each year to live by, you will be successful in whatever you do.

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